Presentation of EuroMedical


Euromedical Instruments has been a major player in the field of intraoperative detection for almost 20 years.

As the global distributor of the Europrobe system for surgeons and doctors, we have been forerunners in the detection of the sentinel lymph node.


Since 2014, we offer a unique system that allows bimodal gamma and fluorescence detection.


Fluorescence detection

The new-generation Europrobe offers detection of sentinel lymph node via fluorescence and / or gamma, thanks to the injection of green indocyanine (ICG) and radioisotope.


This unique in the world technique represents small risk for patients. The occurrence of side effects or allergic reactions due to ICG is significantly lower than to the patented blue.


In addition, the ICG, once injected, is completely colorless and will not disturb the surgeon at the surgical site.

The injection of this dye, made a few minutes before the procedure is simple and its diffusion is fast.


The bi-modality saves time by quickly switching from one detection mode to the another by simply pressing a foot-switch. The probe that is introduced into the operative site actually guides the gesture to search the sentinel lymph node electively by limiting the dissection, as for the radioisotope.


Studies consider that the combined injection of indocyanine green and radioisotope detected by a bi-modal probe allows an excellent identification rate (99.8%) as well as a highly developed sensitivity rate.[1]




[1] Détection du ganglion sentinelle dans le cancer du sein par sonde opto-nucléaire

Détection du ganglion sentinelle dans le cancer du sein par sonde opto-nucléaire après injection de vert indocyanine et de technetium 99m Sentinel node detection using optonuclear probe (gamma and fluorescence) after green indocyanine and radio-isotope injections

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